Edmonton Slip-And-Fall Injury Lawyer

At Koziak Law in Edmonton, we represent people who have been hurt as the result of an unexpected slip, trip or fall. When these accidents happen, they can cause serious injury and prevent you from working or caring for your family. Our role as legal counsel is firstly to establish liability and secure evidence to support it. We further help to assess the effect the injury has had on your life and secure you the benefits you need to maintain your quality of life while you recover.

Responsibility Of Owners And Occupiers

People who own property — or occupy it as renters or lessees — must maintain their premises in a way that promotes safety. When you are in a private home, commercial establishment such as a store or restaurant, or on city property, you have the legal right to expect a reasonable standard of safety has been met. Otherwise, a fall that results from hazards on property can result in legal action.

Although the long-term effects of a slip-and-fall injury, such as chronic pain and limited mobility, might not be seen right away, seeking the advice of a lawyer as soon as possible after a slip-and-fall is important to preserve the evidence at the scene and to meet legal deadlines. When you fall on city property, timelines for taking legal action can be particularly short — so you should learn about your legal options right away.

Experienced Lawyer ♦ Dedicated Staff

Nadia D. Koziak has more than 30 years of experience as an Alberta lawyer. Nadia and the team at Koziak Law take personal interest in each one of our legal files, ensuring you have the information and support you need while your case proceeds.

Property Liability Solicitor Serving Sherwood Park And Greater Edmonton

When a fall causes injury to you or your loved one, it is important to obtain prompt legal advice. To schedule a consultation with a slip-and-fall injury lawyer at Edmonton's Koziak Law, call our firm at 780-465-5550 locally or 780-465-5550 toll free, or contact us online.