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When a loved one dies, it usually falls to close family members to handle the estate. This is particularly true when someone dies intestate — without a will — and Alberta law specifies how the estate is distributed. Part of handling an intestate estate is applying to the court for letters of administration. At Koziak Law, we are efficient at letters of administration applications and can give you and your family the legal support you need as you deal with your personal loss.

What Are Letters Of Administration?

A grant of administration is applied for when an individual dies without a will. Similar to a grant of probate, letters of administration give the personal representative of the deceased the authority to administer the estate. Letters of administration may be required by institutions, such as banks, that hold the deceased's assets. In particular, the experience at Koziak Law extends to very complicated estates, farm properties, the preservation and sale of active businesses, the sale of corporate securities, and the search for missing assets.

At Koziak Law, we can help you to assess whether your loved one's estate requires letters of administration — and if so, who should apply to be estate executor. Alberta law names preferred applicants according to their relationship to the deceased person, although the court can choose to deviate from this list.

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When you are tasked with administering an estate, you may need ongoing advice about your legal responsibilities. At Koziak Law, we can provide this guidance so you can fulfill your duties with confidence.

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