Edmonton Probate Lawyer

Koziak Law is an Edmonton law firm with particular emphasis on wills and estates work. We handle letters of probate applications with efficiency and professionalism, drawing upon decades of legal practice in Alberta. When you are dealing with the loss of a family member, our reliable services ensure the details of the estate probate process are handled with a minimum of stress or hassle.

When You Need To Apply For Probate

If your loved one died with a will, and you were named his or her personal representative (executor), you have a responsibility to distribute the assets in the will and fulfill other important duties. The institutions that hold your loved one's assets — such as the banks where he or she had accounts or investments — may not release them for you to distribute without proof the will is valid. A bank, therefore, may require that the will be probated. This process gives you as the executor the authority to administer the estate.

At Koziak Law, we will help you to gather the necessary documentation to probate the will and have your authority as executor established. If you need assistance in administering the estate, we can give you advice and guidance — so you can rest assured you are meeting your legal obligations and complying with the wishes of your loved one.

Legal Advice When The Will Does Not Name An Executor

We can also apply for grant of probate with the will annexed, which occurs when a person had a valid will but did not name an executor — or if that executor has passed away or does not want to fulfill the role. Contact us to learn more.

Serving Greater Edmonton Including Sherwood Park: Solicitor For Will Probate

Koziak Law handles applications for probate and letters of administration. If you are uncertain about whether probate is necessary in your case, feel free to schedule a free half-hour consultation either on the phone or in person. We will give you the information you need to proceed with handling the estate. To schedule a consultation with our probate lawyer in Edmonton, call our firm at 780-465-5550, 780-465-5550 toll free, or contact us online.