Edmonton Wills And Estates Solicitor

Koziak Law provides reliable and comprehensive services in the area of wills and estates. For our clients in and around Edmonton, we are trustworthy advisors who provide individualized advice. When dealing with important issues such as the distribution of your financial assets, the care of a loved one, and the estate of a deceased, it is important to have a legal advisor with experience and personal sensitivity.

Court Applications ♦ Personal Care And Estate Planning

Over 30 years in practice in Alberta, Nadia D. Koziak has established herself as a capable and forward-thinking lawyer, able to provide sensible and creative advice to clients. At Koziak Law, we perform such services as:

  • Estate planning: We prepare documents such as wills, trusts, enduring powers of attorney and personal directives ("living wills"). As part of our service, we also advise on the effects of these documents and recommend legal strategies to meet each client's unique needs.
  • Probate and letters of administration: Estate personal representatives (executors) and family members of those who died without a will may need to obtain legal authority to administer the estate. We assist by applying for grants of probate or letters of administration.
  • Guardianship and trusteeship: We prepare applications for guardianship or trusteeship on behalf of loved ones of persons who are mentally incapable.

Our legal and personal experience means we are able to provide appropriate advice to each of our clients. We do not merely respond to the information you give to us: we ask questions about issues you might not have considered. In this way, we can give you service that meets all of your needs.

Guardianship And Probate Lawyer Serving Sherwood Park And Greater Edmonton

To schedule a consultation with a wills and estates solicitor at Edmonton's Koziak Law, call our firm at 780-465-5550, 780-465-5550 toll free, or contact us online. We are always willing to find ways to meet the needs of our clients. If you would like to arrange a meeting at your residence, we can accommodate you. Contact us for more information.